(The following is a list of the books written by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  This list is taken from an article on the Internet called “Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen - - Catholic Media’s Greatest Star” by Thomas Reeves.)


Works by Fulton J. Sheen


God and Intelligence, 1925

Religion Without God, 1928

The Life of All Living, 1929 Rev. Ed. 1979

The Divine Romance, 1930

Old Errors and New Labels, 1931

Moods and Truths, 1932

Way of the Cross, 1932

Seven Last Words, 1933

Hymn of the Conquered, 1933

The Eternal Galilean, 1934

Philosophy of Science, 1934

The Mystical Body of Christ, 1935

Calvary and the Mass, 1936

The Moral Universe, 1936

The Cross and the Beatitudes, 1937

The Cross and the Crisis, 1938

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, 1938

The Rainbow of Sorrow, 1938

Victory over Vice, 1939

Whence Come Wars, 1940

The Seven Virtues, 1940

For God and Country, 1941

A Declaration of Dependence, 1941

God and War and Peace, 1942

The Divine Verdict, 1943

The Armor of God, 1943

Philosophies at War, 1943

Seven Words to the Cross, 1944

Seven Pillars of Peace, 1944

Love One Another, 1944

Seven Words of Jesus and Mary, 1945

Preface to Religion, 1946

Characters of the Passion, 1946

Jesus, Son of Mary, 1947

Communism and the Conscience of the West, 1948

Philosophy of Religion, 1948

Peace of Soul, 1949

Lift Up Your Heart, 1950

Three to Get Married, 1951

The World’s First Love, 1952

Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 1, 1953

Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 2, 1954

The Life of Christ, 1954

Way to Happiness, 1954

Way to Inner Peace, 1954

God Loves You, 1955

Thinking Life Through, 1955

Thoughts for Daily Living, 1955

Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 3, 1955

Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 4, 1956

Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 5, 1957

Life of Christ, 1958; Rev. Ed. 1977

This Is The Mass, 1958; Rev. Ed. 1965

This Is Rome, 1960

Go to Heaven, 1960

This Is the Holy Land, 1961

These Are the Sacraments, 1962

The Priest Is Not His Own, 1963

Missions and the World Crisis, 1964

The Power of Love, 1965

Walk with God, 1965

Christmas Inspirations, 1966

Footprints in a Darkened Forest, 1966

Guide to Contentment, 1967

Easter Inspirations, 1967

Those Mysterious Priests, 1974

Life Is Worth Living, First

and Second Series Abridged, 1978

Treasure in Clay, 1980


(Thomas Reeves is Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. He is the author of Twentieth Century America: A Brief History.)

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