El Paso, Illinois, Community History
Historical Photo Collection
of Merlin Haas
Copyright December 2000

    The following is an index of links of early photos of El Paso, Illinois, owned by Merlin Haas, El Paso, Illinois.  These photos are a mixture of houses, businesses, people, and other interesting pictures from El Paso's early days.
    These photos were compiled by George E. Drake and are presented here digitally with the help of Carl Drake, Allen Drake and Joel Dudley, all of El Paso, Illinois. Funding for this page is provided by Heartland Bank & Trust Company.
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    Otherwise, please enjoy the following photos of El Paso history.

Pic#   Link Name                       Description
1 St. Mary's This is of the newly constructed St. Mary's Catholic Church.  Notice the streetlight and old Catholic school.
2 Adam Henning
Leo Henning
Merv. Byerly
Mike Wolf
Adam Henning home at 197 N. Elm Street.  To
the right is part of the frame Christian Church.
3 Isaac Cannon
A.B. Hurd
Ed Israel
Walter Claggett
Isaac Cannon home at 15 E. Second Street.
4 J.F. Bosworth
C.E. Barney
J.F. Bosworth home at the N.E. corner of
Summit and Main Streets.
5 David Evans
Deacon Evans
Wm. North
Lyle Snyder
This is the David Evans home.  It was located at
495 E. Third Street.
6 Taylor Bonar
Nolan Epps
This was the J. Taylor Bonar home.  It is
located at 398 N. Cherry Street.
7 Robert Evans
Byron Stitt
This was the home of Robert J. Evans.  It was replaced by another home at 204 E. Third Street. 
8 E. P. Journal staff This is a picture inside the El Paso Journal's office, showing several people and equipment.
9 James Seery
W. H. McClellan
John F. Shepard
James Sutton
This was the home of W.H. McClellan.  It was located
at 375 W. Jefferson Street.  2nd house built in El Paso.
10 Thos. J. Hurd
Gene Steffen
David Schertz
This was the Thomas J. Hurd home about a mile
N.E. of El Paso.
11 Levi Smith
Roscoe Hall
This was the home of Levi F. Smith.  It was located at the NE corner of Summit and Lincoln streets.
12 Presbyterian Manse
Buddy Malcom
This was the Presbyterian Manse at 335 E.
Second Street.
13 Geo. Curtiss in office This was George Curtiss in his newspaper office which currently is used by the El Paso Telephone Co.
14 E.P. Journal staff This is a 1932 picture of the El Paso Journal staff, including equipment. 
15 Spencer Ferrell
Porter Farrell
Bruce Smith
This was the Spencer M. Ferrell home at 301 E.
Front Street.
16 Baptist Parsonage
Rev. Howard
Rev. W.V. Jeffries
This was the Baptist parsonage at Fourth and
Cherry Streets.  It was torn down in 1912.
17 James H. Wathen This was the James H. Wathen home.  For many years it has been used by the Elms, first as a motel and later as a fine restaurant.
18 E.P. Journal staff This is a 1905 picture of the El Paso Journal staff outside their office building.
19 Front Street w/buggies Notice the George Burster store in the background.
20 Hendren Bldg. 1895 picture of downtown, notice the unfinished water tower and the Hendren Building.
21 A.O. Shur
Belle Shur
Dr. A.C. King
Bernard Shoop
This was the home of A.O. Shur on the N.E.
corner of First and Grant Streets.
22 German Evan. Church This was the German Evangelical Church at the 
N.W. corner of Pine and Second Streets.
23 Methodist Church The original frame Methodist Church located at Second and Chestnut Streets.  It was torn down in1894.
24 Methodist Church This was the brick Methodist Church building that was built in 1894 which burned on May 12,1895.
25 Beshers Factory
Pfister office
Com. Bible Fellowship
This was the Beshers Factory on 12/4/1924.  It is now the home of
the Community Bible Fellowship Church.
26 Grand Opera House This is inside the Grand Opera House which
was located at the N.W. corner of Front and Cherry Streets.
27 Eagle Block remains This picture, dated July 20, 1894, shows the remains of the Eagle Block building after a devastating fire.
28 Hendren block/ 1895 1895 picture of downtown El Paso, please note the street light that
is hanging above the intersection.
29 Christian Church This was the second church building erected by the Christian Church in El Paso, located at the S.E. corner of First and Elm Streets.
30 Mrs. Celicia Boner
Dr. A.C. King
Tegard Nursing Home
Clyde Tegard
This was the Celicia Boner home at 469 E.
First Street.  It later became Tobein Nursing
31 Geo. L. Gibson
Dr. Henderson
Ed Hodgson
This was the home of George L. Gibson, located in the center of Elmwood Court at the end of First Street.  It currently is being used as an apartment building.
32 James Thompson
Valentine Risser
This was the home of James Thompson at 
274 S. Sycamore Street. 
33 E.P. Journal staff This is a 1900 picture of the El Paso Journal editorial staff, taken outside of their office building. 
34 F.A. Stubblefield
Karmy Kays
Terry Wilkey
This was the Dr. F.A. Stubblefield home at 11 W. First Street.
This picture shows a liveryman holding Dr. Stubblefield's
team of horses.
35 Richard Springgate
John Bailey
Shirley Berg
This was the home of Richard C. Springgate at
102 E. First Street.
36 Wm. Burroughs
Geo. Burroughs
Harold Burroughs
This was the home of William Burroughs who
lived a few miles north of El Paso.
37 J.B. Michels
Charles McHugh
This was the home of J.B. Michels at 328 W. Main Street.
Charles McHugh later lived here.
38 Frank B. Stitt
inside F.N.Bank
This is Frank B. Stitt inside his office at the First National Bank -- before its 1920 remodeling.
39 inside E.P. Journal plant This picture was taken inside the El Paso Journal's printing plant -- showing several people, printing presses, and old lights. 
40 Inside W.C.N.Bank This picture shows 3 workers inside the Woodford County National Bank
41 Aerial View This picture shows an aerial view of the intersection of what is
now Rt. 24 and Rt. 251 in 1938, including surrounding businesses.
42 Baptist Church This was the frame Baptist Church built in 1864
where the present Baptist Church now stands.
43 Presbyterian Church This picture shows the old frame Presbyterian church that was built in 1864, located at 135 E. Second Street.
44 Campbell House This shows the Campbell House crossing on Front Street in about 1910. 
45 Carrie Williamson
Robt. Evans
C.F. Curtis
Frank Hayward
This shows the El Paso Journal's temporary headquarters -- in an old creamery building on Main Street -- following a fire in 1894.  Four people are pictured.
46 S.H. North
Joeseph Haas
C. Gilbert Coffman
This was the S.H. North home at the
N.E. corner of Third and Chestnut Streets in 1896.
47 Stella Patton (Schlink)
Silas D. Patton
This picture shows some post office personnel and pigeon holes used for sorting mail.
48 Silas D. Patton
Stella Patton (Schlink)
This picture shows the lobby of a post office together with Silas D. Patton and his assistant, Stella Patton (Schlink). 
49 A.S. McKinney
Dr. Stockwell
John Parr
This was the home of A.S. McKinney in 1896.  It was built by Dr. Stockwell.